Mike Spearheads Edmonds' First Inclusive Playground

After reaching out to citizens via a Facebook post last fall, Mike led the way in researching and calling for funding for Edmonds' first inclusive park, allowing children of all abilities to play side-by-side with peers.


Leads the Way in Stopping the Waterfront Connector 

Longtime connector opponent, Mike introduces motion that stops the building of the Waterfront Connector bridge


Mike Calls for a New Direction in Edmonds

     Calling for a new direction and a new path for Edmonds, two-term City Councilmember Mike Nelson officially kicked off his mayoral campaign


Mike Announces He is Running For Mayor

     Mike Nelson announces he is running for mayor to improve quality of life in Edmonds


Ordinance Requiring Gun Owners to Safely Store Guns Passes

     An ordinance introduced by Mike requiring Edmonds residents to safely lock up their firearms passed the Edmonds City Council


Announces Firearm Safe Storage Ordinance to Protect Children

     Mike announced he will be proposing City of Edmonds legislation to require that gun owners securely store firearms.


Resolution for 100% Renewable Energy by 2025 Passes

     Climate change resolution amendments introduced by Mike commits Edmonds to 100 percent renewable energy by 2025


Introduces Solution to Protect Edmonds Marsh

     Protects the marsh while meeting the requirements of the Shoreline Management Act


Opposes Fire Fighter Cuts - Will Risk Public Safety 

     Mike votes against removing dedicated downtown paramedic and fire fighter reductions. 


Proposes More Transparency at Council Meetings 

     Mike supports live streaming video of City Council Committee Meetings